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  • Kinetics of Cross-Linking Reaction of Epoxy Resin with Hydroxyapatite-Functionalized Layered Double Hydroxides
    • Z. Karami
    • M. Ganjali
    • M. Zarghamidehaghani
    • M. Aghazadeh
    • M. Jouyandeh
    • A. Esmaeili
    • S. Habibzadeh
    • A. Mohaddespour
    • .. Inamuddin
    • K. Formela... and 2 others

    - Polymers - 2020

    The cure kinetics analysis of thermoset polymer composites gives useful information about their properties. In this work, two types of layered double hydroxide (LDH) consisting of Mg2+ and Zn2+ as divalent metal ions and CO32− as an anion intercalating agent were synthesized and functionalized with hydroxyapatite (HA) to make a potential thermal resistant nanocomposite. The curing potential of the synthesized nanoplatelets in the...

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  • Kinetics of pollutants removal in vertical and horizontal flow constructed wetlands in temperate climate


    This paper reports a comparative study on kinetics of organic matter expressed as BOD5 and nitrogen removal in constructed wetlands operated in Poland. Analyzed data were collected at eight wetland systems, composed of subsurface flow beds: horizontal flow (HF) and vertical flow (VF), in different number and sequences. The analysis involved particularly mass removal rates (MRR) and first-order removal rate coefficients of BOD5...

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  • Knowledge Management and Engineering with Decisional DNA
    • E. Szczerbicki
    • C. Sanin
    • C. Oliveira
    • I. Shafiq
    • Z. Haoxi
    • F. Li
    • C. Toro
    • M. Grana
    • E. Sanchez
    • M. Bilal
    • M. Waris

    - 2020

    This is the first book on experience-based knowledge representation and knowledge management using the unique Decisional DNA (DDNA) technology. The DDNA concept is roughly a decade old, and is rapidly attracting increasing attention and interest among researchers and practitioners. This comprehensive book provides guidelines to help readers develop experience-based tools and approaches for smart engineering of knowledge, data and...

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  • Knowledge risks inherent in business sustainability

    Since the connection between business sustainability and knowledge risks has not been established in the literature so far, this paper provides a conceptual framework to demonstrate the possible impact of various knowledge risks on business sustainability and offers potential ways to manage and overcome these risks. The aim of this conceptual paper is to address two main questions: What are the potential effects of knowledge risks...

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  • Knowledge-Based Virtual Modeling and Simulation of Manufacturing Processes for Industry 4.0


    ABSTRACT Industry 4.0 aims at providing a digital representation of a production landscape, but the challenges in building, maintaining, optimizing, and evolving digital models in inter-organizational production chains have not been identified yet in a systematic manner. In this paper, various Industry 4.0 research and technical challenges are addressed, and their present scenario is discussed. Moreover, in this article, the novel...

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  • Kultura jakości i czynniki ją kształtujące w szkołach wyższych

    - Problemy Jakości - 2020

    W artykule przedstawiono rozważania dotyczące kultury jakości w instytucjach szkolnictwa wyższego. Szczególną uwagę zwrócono na czynniki, które wspierają rozwój kultury jakości w uczelniach oraz na te, które stanowią bariery jej pozytywnego rozwoju. Zagadnienie to zostało zaprezentowane na tle różnych wyników badań dotyczących kultury jakości jako specyficznej subkultury organizacyjnej.

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