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  • Depth Images Filtering In Distributed Streaming

    In this paper, we propose a distributed system for point cloud processing and transferring them via computer network regarding to effectiveness-related requirements. We discuss the comparison of point cloud filters focusing on their usage for streaming optimization. For the filtering step of the stream pipeline processing we evaluate four filters: Voxel Grid, Radial Outliner Remover, Statistical Outlier Removal and Pass Through....

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  • Harmony Search for Data Mining with Big Data

    - Rok 2016

    In this paper, some harmony search algorithms have been proposed for data mining with big data. Three areas of big data processing have been studied to apply new metaheuristics. The first problem is related to MapReduce architecture that can be supported by a team of harmony search agents in grid infrastructure. The second dilemma involves development of harmony search in preprocessing of data series before data mining. Moreover,...

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  • Harmony Search for Self-configuration of Fault–Tolerant and Intelligent Grids

    - Rok 2016

    In this paper, harmony search algorithms have been proposed to self-configuration of fault-tolerant grids for big data processing. Self-configuration of computer grids lies in the fact that new computer nodes are automatically configured by software agents and then integrated into the grid. A base node works due to several configuration parameters that define some aspects of data communications and energy power consumption. We...

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  • Harmony Search to Self-Configuration of Fault-Tolerant Grids for Big Data

    In this paper, harmony search algorithms have been proposed to self-configuration of fault-tolerant grids for big data processing. Some tasks related to big data processing have been considered. Moreover, two criteria have been applied to evaluate quality of grids. The first criterion is a probability that all tasks meet their deadlines and the second one is grid reliability. Furthermore, some intelligent agents based on harmony...

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  • Metody neuronowe do prognozowania finansowego

    Sztuczne sieci neuronowe mogą być stosowane do prognozowania kursów akcji na giełdzie, oceny wiarygodności kredytobiorców czy prognozowania kryzysów bankowych. W referacie omówiono zasady współpracy sieci neuronowych z algorytmami ewolucyjnymi oraz metodą wektorów wspierających. Ponadto, odniesiono się do pozostałych metod sztucznej inteligencji, które stosowane są w finansach.

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Rok 2013
  • Adjusting Game Difficulty by Recreating Behavioral Trees of Human Player Actions

    - Rok 2013

    This paper presents a proposition of a method for adjusting game difficulty to the current level of player's skills in one-on-one games. The method is based on recognition of human player's actions and recording of those actions in the form of behavioral trees. Such trees are later used to drive behaviors of computer-controlled opponents so that human player has beat hit own strategy and improve on it, to win subsequent games....

  • Dynamic Content Internationalization in Web Applications

    - Rok 2013

    This paper shows a concept for providing dynamic internationalization to web applications. Presented work is based on the Java Web Platform but described concepts can be successfully implemented on other platforms. It shows how textual data being part of web pages static and dynamic content can be localized dynamically during application runtime. All concepts presented were or are still being developed in an existing conference...

  • Genetic Programming with Negative Selection for Volunteer Computing System Optimization

    Volunteer computing systems like BOINC or Comcute are strongly supported by a great number of volunteers who contribute resources of their computers via the Web. So, the high efficiency of such grid system is required, and that is why we have formulated a multi-criterion optimization problem for a volunteer grid system design. In that dilemma, both the cost of the host system and workload of a bottleneck host are minimized. On...

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  • Health monitoring services based on off-the-shelf mobile devices

    - Rok 2013

    Development of health monitoring systems usually involves usage of dedicated devices with provided guarantees in terms of their reliability. Those devices raise the cost of the whole system, because of which such platforms are limited only to specific areas and constrained number of users. Usage of off-the- shelf devices could lower the cost and bring those systems to the masses. The paper covers possible uses of common off-the-shelf...

  • Metaheurystyki sztucznej inteligencji w wybranych grach komputerowych

    W pracy omówiono trzy metaheurystyki sztucznej inteligencji, które mogą stać się źródłem inspiracji dla projektantów gier komputerowych. Pokazano, w jaki sposób zastosowano algorytm mrówkowy, algorytm genetyczny i algorytm tabu search w grach komputerowych zaprojektowanych przez studentów Politechniki Gdańskiej. W szczególności, odniesiono się do problematyki wyznaczania trajektorii przemieszczających się obiektów...

  • Metody sztucznej inteligencji do wspomagania bankowych systemów informatycznych

    W pracy opisano zastosowania nowoczesnych metod sztucznej inteligencji do wspomagania bankowych systemów informatycznych. Wykorzystanie w systemach informatycznych algorytmów ewolucyjnych, harmonicznych, czy sztucznych sieci neuronowych w połączeniu z nowoczesną technologią mikroprocesorową umożliwiają zasadniczy wzrost konkurencyjności banku. Dlatego w pracy omówiono wybrane zastosowania bankowe ze szczególnym uwzględnieniem zbliżeniowych...

  • Some Optimization Methods for Simulations in Volunteer and Grid Systems

    In this chapter, some optimization methods have been presented for improving performance of simulations in the volunteer and grid computing system called Comcute. Some issues related to the cloud computing can be solved by presented approaches as well as the Comcute platform can be used to simulate execution of expensive and energy consuming long-term tasks in the cloud environment. In particular, evolutionary algorithms as well...

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