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Rok 2023
  • A survey of automatic speech recognition deep models performance for Polish medical terms

    Among the numerous applications of speech-to-text technology is the support of documentation created by medical personnel. There are many available speech recognition systems for doctors. Their effectiveness in languages such as Polish should be verified. In connection with our project in this field, we decided to check how well the popular speech recognition systems work, employing models trained for the general Polish language....

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  • Autoencoder application for anomaly detection in power consumption of lighting systems

    - IEEE Access - Rok 2023

    Detecting energy consumption anomalies is a popular topic of industrial research, but there is a noticeable lack of research reported in the literature on energy consumption anomalies for road lighting systems. However, there is a need for such research because the lighting system, a key element of the Smart City concept, creates new monitoring opportunities and challenges. This paper examines algorithms based on the deep learning...

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  • Comparison of the Ability of Neural Network Model and Humans to Detect a Cloned Voice

    The vulnerability of the speaker identity verification system to attacks using voice cloning was examined. The research project assumed creating a model for verifying the speaker’s identity based on voice biometrics and then testing its resistance to potential attacks using voice cloning. The Deep Speaker Neural Speaker Embedding System was trained, and the Real-Time Voice Cloning system was employed based on the SV2TTS, Tacotron,...

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  • Examining the Impact of Distance Between VSL Road Signs on Vehicle Speed Variance

    - IEEE Access - Rok 2023

    Variable speed limit (VSL) is an intelligent transportation system (ITS) solution for traffic management. The speed limits can be changed dynamically to adapt to traffic conditions such as visibility and traffic volume, curvature, and grip coefficient of the road surface. The VSL traffic sign location problem and attempts to solve it using computer simulation are presented in this paper. Experiments on a selected road segment,...

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  • Facilitating free travel in the Schengen area—A position paper by the European Association for Biometrics
    • C. Busch
    • F. Deravi
    • D. Frings
    • E. Kindt
    • R. Lessmann
    • A. Nouak
    • J. Salomon
    • M. Achcar
    • F. Alonso-Fernandez
    • D. Bachenheimer... i 38 innych

    - IET Biometrics - Rok 2023

    Due to migration, terror-threats and the viral pandemic, various EU member states have re-established internal border control or even closed their borders. European Association for Biometrics (EAB), a non-profit organisation, solicited the views of its members on ways which biometric technologies and services may be used to help with re-establishing open borders within the Schengen area while at the same time mitigating any adverse...

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  • Multimedia industrial and medical applications supported by machine learning

    - Rok 2023

    This article outlines a keynote paper presented at the Intelligent DecisionTechnologies conference providing a part of the KES Multi-theme Conference “Smart Digital Futures” organized in Rome on June 14–16, 2023. It briefly discusses projects related to traffic control using developed intelligent traffic signs and diagnosing the health of wind turbine mechanisms and multimodal biometric authentication for banking branches to provide...

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  • Optimizing Medical Personnel Speech Recognition Models Using Speech Synthesis and Reinforcement Learning

    Text-to-Speech synthesis (TTS) can be used to generate training data for building Automatic Speech Recognition models (ASR). Access to medical speech data is because it is sensitive data that is difficult to obtain for privacy reasons; TTS can help expand the data set. Speech can be synthesized by mimicking different accents, dialects, and speaking styles that may occur in a medical language. Reinforcement Learning (RL), in the...

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  • Platelet RNA Sequencing Data Through the Lens of Machine Learning

    - Cancers - Rok 2023

    Liquid biopsies offer minimally invasive diagnosis and monitoring of cancer disease. This biosource is often analyzed using sequencing, which generates highly complex data that can be used using machine learning tools. Nevertheless, validating the clinical applications of such methods is challenging. It requires: (a) using data from many patients; (b) verifying potential bias concerning sample collection; and (c) adding interpretability...

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  • Road traffic can be predicted by machine learning equally effectively as by complex microscopic model

    Since high-quality real data acquired from selected road sections are not always available, a traffic control solution can use data from software traffic simulators working offline. The results show that in contrast to microscopic traffic simulation, the algorithms employing neural networks can work in real-time, so they can be used, among others, to determine the speed displayed on variable message road signs. This paper describes...

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  • Usability study of various biometric techniques in bank branches

    The purpose of the presented research was to evaluate the performance of the prepared biometric algorithms and obtain information on the opinions and preferences of their users in bank branches. The study aimed to determine users' attitudes towards particular modalities and preferences on how to use biometrics after the bank customers had practical experience with the operation of the prototype solutions. The research results...

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  • User Authentication by Eye Movement Features Employing SVM and XGBoost Classifiers

    Devices capable of tracking the user’s gaze have become significantly more affordable over the past few years, thus broadening their application, including in-home and office computers and various customer service equipment. Although such devices have comparatively low operating frequencies and limited resolution, they are sufficient to supplement or replace classic input interfaces, such as the keyboard and mouse. The biometric...

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