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  1. 2018


    Safety analysis of navigation over a given area may cover application of various risk measures for ship collisions. One of them is percentage of the so called near- miss situations (potential collision situations). In this article a method of automatic detection of such situations based on the data from Automatic Identification System (AIS), is proposed. The method utilizes input parameters such as: collision risk measure based...
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  3. Antifungal Activity and Synergism with Azoles of Polish Propolis

    K. Gucwa , B. Kusznierewicz , S. Milewski , P. Van Dijck , P. Szweda - Pathogens - 2018
    The aim of our work was to check if one of the products of natural origin, namely honey 19 bee propolis may be an alternative or supplement to currently used antifungal agents. The activity 20 of 50 ethanolic extracts of propolis (EEPs), harvested in Polish apiaries, was tested on a group of 69 21 clinical isolates of C. albicans. Most of the EEPs showed satisfactory activity, with minimum 22 fungicidal concentrations (MFC) mainly...
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  4. Assessment of Trace Metals Leaching During Rainfall Events from Building Rooftops with Different Types of Coverage – Case Study

    Runoff water is an important medium transporting various types of pollution originating from the atmosphere and washed out from roofing materials. The study presents a quality assessment of runoff from different roofs in the context of trace metal concentrations. The analysed rooftops were covered with copper, tar paper and ceramic tile. The quality of the rain water collected at the same time satisfies the demands of the first...
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  5. Atmospheric opacity estimation based on IWV derived from GNSS observations for VLBI applications

    G. Nykiel , P. Wolak , M. Figurski - GPS SOLUTIONS - 2018
    Thermal emission of atmospheric water vapor has a great influence on the calibration of radio astronomical observations at millimeter wavelengths. The phenomenon of an atmospheric water vapor emits noise signal and attenuates astronomical emission. At 22 GHz, integrated water vapor (IWV) obtained from global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) is strictly related to atmospheric opacity (τ0), which is a crucial parameter for data...
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  6. Blood concentrations of a new psychoactive substance 4-chloromethcathinone (4-CMC) determined in 15 forensic cases

    E. Tomczak , M. Woźniak , M. Kata , M. Wiergowski , B. Szpiech , M. Biziuk - Forensic Toxicology - 2018
    Purpose: The 4-chloromethcathinone (4-CMC) is a synthetic derivative of cathinone and belongs to new psychoactive substances. Neither data on the effects of 4-CMC on the human body, nor on nontoxic, toxic and lethal concentrations in biological materials have been published in the literature. This paper describes the results of an analysis of the blood concentrations of 4-CMC determined in 15 forensic cases related to nonfatal...
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  7. Chłodzenie materii poprzez fluorescencję antystokesowską

    J. Fieducik , J. Godlewski - Przegląd Elektrotechniczny - 2018
    nane są różne metody chłodzenia wykorzystujące procesy termodynamiczne, zjawiska termoelektryczne i magnetoelektryczne. W artykule przedstawiono możliwości chłodzenia materii poprzez fluorescencję antystokesowską materiału luminezującego oświetlanego światłem laserowym o określonej długości fali. Materiałami szczególnie korzystnymi są szkła domieszkowane metalami ziem rzadkich n.p. szkło typu ZBLAN, zawierające iterb. Układy takie...
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  8. Comparison and Optimization of Saccharification Conditions of Alkaline Pre-Treated Triticale Straw for Acid and Enzymatic Hydrolysis Followed by Ethanol Fermentation

    This paper concerns the comparison of the efficiency of two-stage hydrolysis processes, i.e., alkaline pre-treatment and acid hydrolysis, as well as alkaline pre-treatment followed by enzymatic hydrolysis, carried out in order to obtain reducing sugars from triticale straw. For each of the analyzed systems, the optimization of the processing conditions was carried out with respect to the glucose yield. For the alkaline pre-treatment,...
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  9. Damage Imaging in Lamb Wave-Based Inspection of Adhesive Joints

    Adhesive bonding has become increasingly important in many industries. Non-destructive inspection of adhesive joints is essential for the condition assessment and maintenance of a structure containing such joints. The aim of this paper was the experimental investigation of the damage identification of a single lap adhesive joint of metal plate-like structures. Nine joints with different defects in the form of partial debonding...
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  10. DBpedia and YAGO as Knowledge Base for Natural Language Based Question Answering—The Evaluation

    The idea of automatic question answering system has a very long history. Despite constant improvement of the systems asking questions in the natural language requires very complex solutions. In this paper the DBpedia and YAGO are evaluated as a knowledge bases for simple class 1 and 2 question answering system. For this purpose a question answering system was designed and implemented. The proposed solution and the knowledge bases...
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  11. Effect of cobalt addition on the corrosion behaviorof near equiatomic NiTi shape memory alloy in normal saline solution: electrochemical and XPS studies

    N. Alqarni , J. Wysocka , N. El-Bagoury , J. Ryl , M. Amin , R. Boukherroub - RSC Advances - 2018
    The electrochemical and corrosion (uniform and localized) behavior of a binary Ni52Ti48 shape memory alloy (SMA) and two ternary Ni52Ti48-xCox (x = 1.5 and 4.0 wt.%) SMAs were studied. Measurements were conducted in 0.9% NaCl solution at 37 oC employing various electrochemical methods. These include: linear polarization resistance (LPR), linear sweep voltammetry (LSV), chronoamperometry and dynamic electrochemical impedance spectroscopy...
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  12. Elementary analysis and energetic potential of the municipal sewage sludges from the Gdańsk and Kościerzyna WWTPs

    A. Ostojski - 2018
    This paper aims to present municipal sewage sludge (MSS) elementary analysis and energetic potential based on measurement of heat of combustion (higher heating value HHV) and calculation of calorific values (lower heating value LHV). The analysis takes into the consideration water content in sewage sludge, at different utilization stages, in wastewater treatment plants in Gdańsk Wschód and Kościerzyna – Pomeranian Voivodeship....
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    The article discusses the problem of mathematical modelling of energy conversion processes in a rotating mechanical system for the purpose of identifying fatigue states of propulsion shafts in this system. A simplified physical model of the analysed system, constructed in an appropriate scale, has made the basis for the experimental research. The research programme took into consideration mechanical fatigue excitation of the model...
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  14. Evaluation of the Impact of Storage Conditions on the Biogenic Amines Profile in Opened Wine Bottles

    J. Płotka-Wasylka , V. Simeonov, , J. Namieśnik - MOLECULES - 2018
    A survey of biogenic amine (BA) profiles in opened wine bottles has been established to monitor the level of biogenic amines (BAs) in opened bottles against time and other conditions. Bottles of red and white wine were submitted to different temperatures, stopper type (screw cap, cork), and use of vacuum devices. A total of six wines made from a variety of grapes were obtained from vineyards from regions across Poland. Dispersive...
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  15. Evaluation of the structures size in the liquid-gas flow by gamma-ray absorption

    M. Zych , R. Hanus , M. Jaszczur , D. Świsulski , L. Petryka , P. Jodłowski , P. Zych - EPJ Web of Conferences - 2018
    The rapid development of tomography methods particularly electrical, X and gamma rays allows for a wide range of the information about flow structure. However, all of such methods are quite complicated. At the same time much simpler systems as the measuring system of gamma rays absorption, allows to obtain a all key flow information which describe the two-phase flow. In the article the results of analyzes of radiometric signal...
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  16. Extended phase diagram of RNiC2 family: Linear scaling of the Peierls temperature

    Physical properties for the late-lanthanide-based RNiC2 (R = Dy, Ho, Er, and Tm) ternary compounds are reported. All the compounds show antiferromagnetic ground state with the Néel temperature ranging from 3.4 K for HoNiC2 to 8.5 K for ErNiC2. The results of the transport and galvanomagnetic properties confirm a charge density wave state at and above room temperature with transition temperatures TCDW = 284, 335, 366, and 394 K for...
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  17. Failure Monitoring and Condition Assessment of Steel-Concrete Adhesive Connection Using Ultrasonic Waves

    Adhesive bonding is increasingly being incorporated into civil engineering applications. Recently, the use of structural adhesives in steel-concrete composite systems is of particular interest. The aim of the study is an experimental investigation of the damage assessment of the connection between steel and concrete during mechanical degradation. Nine specimens consisted of a concrete cube and two adhesively bonded steel plates...
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  18. Gender approaches to evolutionary multi-objective optimization using pre-selection of criteria

    A novel idea to perform evolutionary computations (ECs) for solving highly dimensional multi-objective optimization (MOO) problems is proposed. Following the general idea of evolution, it is proposed that information about gender is used to distinguish between various groups of objectives and identify the (aggregate) nature of optimality of individuals (solutions). This identification is drawn out of the fitness of individuals...
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  19. Grzebowiska dla zwierząt w Polsce

    W niniejszym artykule podjęto tematykę miejsc pochówku zwierząt. Problem został omówiony w odniesieniu do terenu Polski na tle przykładów z zagranicy. Współczesne grzebowiska dla zwierząt powstają w naszym kraju od niedawna i mimo że cmentarze dla zwierząt są u nas stosunkowo nowym zjawiskiem, to już teraz można dostrzec ich typowe cechy przestrzenne. Autorka, na co dzień zajmująca się zagadnieniami z dziedziny architektury, starała...
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  20. Hyaluronan-Chondroitin Sulfate Anomalous Crosslinking Due to Temperature Changes

    T. Andrysiak , P. Bełdowski , J. Siódmiak , P. Weber , D. Ledziński - Polymers - 2018
    Glycosaminoglycans are a wide class of biopolymers showing great lubricating properties due to their structure and high affinity to water. Two of them, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate, play an important role in articular cartilage lubrication. In this work, we present results of the all-atom molecular dynamics simulations of both molecules placed in water-based solution. To mimic changes of the physiological conditions,...
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  21. Implementation of multi-operand addition in FPGA using high-level synthesis

    The paper presents the results of high-level synthesis (HLS) of multi-operand adders in FPGA using the Vivado Xilinx environment. The aim was to estimate the hardware amount and latency of adders described in C-code. The main task of the presented experiments was to compare the implementations of the carry-save adder (CSA) type multi-operand adders obtained as the effect of the HLS synthesis and those based on the basic component...
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    This paper presents characteristics and purposefulness of supporting the renewable energy sources (OZE) by means of energy stores. The main emphasis was placed on analysis of virtual energy stores available for implementation in Polish economy conditions. A role which management of Demand Side Response (DSR) may play in balancing Polish electric power system, is discussed. Implementation of such solutions together with conventional...
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  23. Influence of bitumen type on cracking resistance of asphalt mixtures used in pavement overlays

    Cracking is one of the predominant distresses occurring in flexible pavements, especially in old pavements that were rehabilitated with an asphalt overlay. In such cases asphalt mixtures should be designed to ensure high resistance to reflective cracking because new asphalt layers are exposed to existing cracks of the old pavement. The nature of these cracks can be various (transverse, longitudinal as well as crazy cracking). One...
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  24. Integration of the Eurasian Economic Union in Comparison to European Union Integration

    I. Suchkova - 2018
    The aim of the article is to show the specificity of the integration of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) on the example of the integration of the European Union (EU). The EEU is a relatively young grouping that was established in 2015 by Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic and the Russian Federation. Its creators try to give the Eurasian integration process a different...
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  25. Kinetics of nitrogen removal processes in constructed wetlands

    The aim of this paper is to present a state-of-the-art review of the kinetics of nitrogen removal in constructed wetlands. Biological processes of nitrogen removal from wastewater can be described using equations and kinetic models. Hence, these kinetic models which have been developed and evaluated allow for predicting the removal of nitrogen in treatment wetlands. One of the most important, first order removal model, which is...
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    Artykuł dotyczy tematyki konkurencyjności eksportu oraz czynników ją kształtujących. Zawiera porównanie polskiej i niemieckiej gospodarki m.in. ze względu na udział eksportu w PKB. Wskazano perspektywiczne rynki dla polskich oraz niemieckich eksporterów. Oceniono możliwości transportu towarów do krajów zlokalizowanych na innych kontynentach. W ostatniej części zaprezentowano wyniki badania w zakresie porównania kosztów transportu...
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  27. Krótka historia Sympozjum Historii Elektryki

    Przedstawiono historię dotychczasowych edycji Sympozjum Historia Elektryki. Pierwsze Sympozjum zostało zorganizowane w Gdańsku z inicjatywy Centralnej Komisji Historycznej Stowarzyszenia Elektryków Polskich. Było okazją do spotkania osób interesujących się historią z wyższych uczelni technicznych i przemysłu, ale również zajmujących się historią zawodowo. Sukces pierwszego spotkania spowodował, że stała się to cykliczna impreza,...
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  28. Laboratory test rig for examining aggregate mining from seabed using the AIRLIFT method

    The use of the Airlift method for transporting the mined aggregate from the seabed to the deck of the mining ship is an alternative for presently used solutions, such as suction pumps or scoop transport for instance. Building the laboratory test rig was preceded by tests in natural conditions. The rig was designed in such a way as to model these conditions as close as possible, and to have potential for further development
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  29. Metoda samoorganizacji i podążania za liderem roju nieholonomicznych robotów mobilnych z wykorzystaniem wirtualnych elementów sprężysto-tłumiących

    V. Eremeev , J. Wiech - Przegląd Mechaniczny - 2018
    Celem pracy jest demonstracja metody samoorganizacji i podążania za liderem nieholonomicznego roju robotów mobilnych, opartej na wirtualnych, tłumionych, liniowych sprężynach łączących sąsiadujące roboty. Analizę metody sterowania poprzedza wyprowadzenie dynamiki dwukołowego robota oraz określenie zależności między wirtualnymi siłami a wejściami sterującymi robota w celu osiągnięcia stabilnej formacji roju. Analizowane są dwa przypadki...
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  30. Mobile Laser Scanning Calibration on a Marine Platform

    The article describes the method of calibration of the Riegl VMZ-400 mobile scanning system on a floating platform and an experiment aimed at conducting measurements from a previously calibrated instrument. The issue of factors affecting the quality of measurements was discussed. Mobile laser scanning is an increasingly popular measurement solution, but it is still innovative on a European scale. The use of a floating platform...
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  31. Morphology, Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Thermoplastic Polyurethane Containing Reduced Graphene Oxide and Graphene Nanoplatelets

    M. Strankowski , P. Korzeniewski , J. Strankowska , A. Anu , T. Sabu - Materials - 2018
    Polyurethane/graphene nanocomposites were synthesized using commercial thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU, Apilon 52DE55), and two types of graphene derivatives: graphene nanoplatelets (GNP) and reduced graphene oxide (RGO). Fourier Transformation Infrared Spectroscopy Fourier Transformation Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) spectroscopy, TEM, and SEM microscopy and XRD techniques were used to chemically and structurally characterize GNP...
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  32. Nitrification, denitrification, and dephosphatation capability of activated sludge during co-treatment of intermediate-age landfill leachates with municipal wastewater

    This study focuses on the possible use and efficacy of the co-treatment of landfill leachate (intermediate-age) with municipal wastewater. The nitrification, denitrification, and dephosphatation capability of activated sludge acclimated with a mixture of raw municipal wastewater (RWW) with gradually increasing amounts of raw landfill leachate (RLL) (from 0.5 to 5% v/v) were tested. Biochemical tests were conducted simultaneously...
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  33. Nonlinear finite element modeling of vibration control of plane rod-type structural members with integrated piezoelectric patches

    This paper addresses modeling and finite element analysis of the transient large-amplitude vibration response of thin rod-type structures (e.g., plane curved beams, arches, ring shells) and its control by integrated piezoelectric layers. A geometrically nonlinear finite beam element for the analysis of piezolaminated structures is developed that is based on the Bernoulli hypothesis and the assumptions of small strains and finite...
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    S. Rzepnicka - 2018
    W aspekcie współcześnie zachodzących zmian demograficznych, rozwijających się technologii oraz poszukiwania rozwiązań proekologicznych wzrasta potencjał transportu kolejowego. Po okresie upadku znaczenia kolei jesteśmy świadkami jej postępującej transformacji w Europie. Do obsługi ruchu pasażerskiego służy w Polsce prawie 600 dworców kolejowych, z których większość nie jest jeszcze przystosowana do aktualnych potrzeb użytkownika...
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  35. Od modelu biznesu przedsiębiorstwa do modelu biznesu organizacji publicznej

    Zadowolenie obywateli z jakości życia jest związane z poziomem zaspokajania ich potrzeb, wśród których występuje możliwość korzystania z dóbr publicznych. Wiąże się to z dostępem do usług publicznych. Gospodarzami w zakresie świadczenia tych usług są organizacji publiczne. Zatem z rozumowania logicznego wynika, że wzrost zadowolenia mieszkańców może nastąpić wówczas, gdy podniesie się dostępność i poziom jakości usług publicznych....
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  36. Parallelization of large vector similarity computations in a hybrid CPU+GPU environment

    The paper presents design, implementation and tuning of a hybrid parallel OpenMP+CUDA code for computation of similarity between pairs of a large number of multidimensional vectors. The problem has a wide range of applications, and consequently its optimization is of high importance, especially on currently widespread hybrid CPU+GPU systems targeted in the paper. The following are presented and tested for computation of all vector...
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  37. Participatory projects in urban area – opportunities and limitations on the example of 2013 Podwórkowa Rewolucja

    A. Stasiak - 2018
    Participatory projects implemented in urban space have a group of supporters and opponents. The aim of this article is to define the possibilities and limitations of this type of spatial activities on the example of the 2013 Podwórkowej rewolucji in the development of the Edukacja obywatelska w działaniu project in cooperation with the Social Innovation Foundation and its Neighborhood House - the Gościna Przystań, where the inhabitants...
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  38. Pronouncement of embedded agency in the field of social entrepreneurship

    The paper provides insights into how social entrepreneurship and the institutional theory framework can be combined. The author situates the social entrepreneurship phenomenon here, and embarks on the traditional structure vs agency debate from social sciences, sociology of organizations in particular. The concept of embedded agency is referred to and employed to explain the phenomenon of social entrepreneurship. In this paper,...
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    Artykuł prezentuje koncepcję budowy uniwersalnego scenariusza gry fabularnej, która pomaga zbudować zaangażowanie wśród studentów uczelni technicznych. Jednym ze sposobów na wzmożenie motywacji w procesie uczenia się jest gamifikacja. Gdy gamifikacja wspiera proces nauczania często tworzone są modele tematycznie związane z problematyką danego przedmiotu. Scenariusz proponowanej gry jest uniwersalny i można go wykorzystać w ramach...
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  40. Radioisotope measurement of selected parameters of liquid-gas flow using single detector system

    M. Zych , R. Hanus , M. Jaszczur , V. Mosorov , D. Świsulski - EPJ Web of Conferences - 2018
    To determine the parameters of two-phase flows using radioisotopes, usually two detectors are used. Knowing the distance between them, the velocity of the dispersed phase is calculated based on time delay estimation. Such a measurement system requires the use of two gamma-ray sealed sources. But in some situations it is also possible to determine velocity of dispersed phase using only one scintillation probe and one gamma-ray source....
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  41. Radioisotope measurements of the liquid-gas flow in the horizontal pipeline using phase method

    R. Hanus , M. Zych , M. Jaszczur , L. Petryka , D. Świsulski - EPJ Web of Conferences - 2018
    The paper presents application of the gamma-absorption method to a two-phase liquid-gas flow investigation in a horizontal pipeline. The water-air mixture was examined by a set of two Am-241 radioactive sources and two NaI(Tl) scintillation probes. For analysis of the electrical signals obtained from detectors the cross-spectral density function (CSDF) was applied. Results of the gas phase average velocity measurements for CSDF...
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  42. ROZPRAWA DOKTORSKA. Rodzina elementów hybrydowo-mieszanych w 6-parametrowej teorii powłok, analiza geometrycznie nieliniowa powłok o funkcyjnej zmienności materiału wzdłuż grubości

    W rozprawie opracowano rodzinę 4–węzłowych hybrydowo–mieszanych elementów skończonych w ramach nieliniowej 6–parametrowej teorii powłok, w której szóstym stopniem swobody jest obrót owinięcia. Elementy mieszane i częściowo mieszane sformułowano na podstawie odpowiednio podstawowego i autorsko zmodyfikowanego trójpolowego funkcjonału Hu–Washizu. W pracy zastosowano oryginalną interpolację niezależnych pól niesymetrycznych odkształceń...
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    This paper presents optimization of selected combined diesel engine-steam turbine systems. Two systems: the system combined with waste heat one-pressure boiler only and its version containing additionally low-pressure boiler proper feeding degasifier and the system of two-pressure cycle, were taken into considerations. Their surplus values of power output and efficiency associated with utilization of waste heat contained in piston...
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  44. Selection of AHI + SC Hybrid Storage Based on Mathematical Models and Load Variation Characteristics

    M. Liedke , Ł. Eugeniusz , W. Matelski , L. Wolski , R. Strzelecki - Przegląd Elektrotechniczny - 2018
    The article deals with the design of a hybrid storage consisting of Aqueous Hybrid Ion battery (AHI) and supercapacitor (SC) modules. The selection of components is based on the knowledge of the load profile of the storage and the AHI battery and supercapacitor models. The paper presents the method of selecting components of the storage made of AHI batteries and supercapacitor modules The article includes an example of the hybrid...
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  45. Spectral Methods for Modelling of Wave Propagation in Structures in Terms of Damage Detection—A Review

    Modern methods of detection and identification of structural damage direct the activities of scientific groups towards the improvement of diagnostic methods using for example the phenomenon of mechanical wave propagation. Damage detection methods that use mechanical wave propagation in structural components are extremely effective. Many different numerical approaches are used to model this phenomenon, but, due to their universal...
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  46. Synthesis, Molecular Structure, Anticancer Activity, and QSAR Study of N-(aryl/heteroaryl)-4-(1H-pyrrol-1-yl)Benzenesulfonamide Derivatives

    B. Żołnowska , J. Sławiński , Z. Brzozowski , A. Kawiak , M. Belka , J. Zielińska , T. Bączek , J. Chojnacki - INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES - 2018
    A series of N-(aryl/heteroaryl)-4-(1H-pyrrol-1-yl)benzenesulfonamides were synthesized from 4-amino-N-(aryl/heteroaryl)benzenesulfonamides and 2,5-dimethoxytetrahydrofuran. All the synthesized compounds were evaluated for their anticancer activity on HeLa, HCT-116, and MCF-7 human tumor cell lines. Compound 28, bearing 8-quinolinyl moiety, exhibited the most potent anticancer activity against the HCT-116, MCF-7, and HeLa cell lines,...
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  47. Temperature influence on tyre/road noise on poroelastic road surface based on laboratory measurements

    The temperature effect on measured tyre/road noise is very important phenomena as it may lead to significant errors in measurement results due to substantial influence of this parameter on the obtained values. It depends mainly on the particular tyre-road combination. It is different for dense and porous as well as for bituminous and cement concrete pavements. It differs also depending on tested tyre. The correction procedure for...
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  48. The impact of cooking method on the phenolic composition, total antioxidant activity and starch digestibility of rice (Oryza sativa L.)

    This study investigated changes in the phenolic composition, total antioxidant activity (TAA) and starch digestibility in white and brown rice due to three different cooking procedures, and subsequent reheating of cooked rice after storage. Among the analyzed samples, brown rice showed the highest TAA and phenolic content (622.5 mg kg-1 DW). All cooking methods resulted in significant decrease of phenolic content and TAA of rice...
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  49. The Influence of LED Lighting Sources on the Nature of Power Factor

    This article presents measurements of electric power absorbed by a newly built facility for office and scientific research activities. These measurements highlighted the need for compensation of capacitive reactive power—not predicted by the designer—due to the vast use of LED lighting in the facility. The article also describes a reactive power compensation system, designed on the basis of the above-mentioned measurements, and...
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  50. The propagation of the waves in the CTO S.A. towing tank

    The paper presents the results of research focused on the wave propagation in the CTO S.A. deepwater towing tank. In the scope of paper, the wavemaker transfer function was determined for regular waves, based on the Biésel Transfer Function and further for irregular waves, based on Hasselman model of nonlinear energy transfer. The phenomena: wave damping, wave breakdown and wave reflection, were measured, analyzed and mathematically...
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  51. The relationship between standard reduction potentials of catechins and biological activities involved in redox control

    Redox homeostasis involves factors that ensure proper function of cells. The excess reactive oxygen species (ROS) leads to oxidative stress and increased risk of oxidative damage to cellular components. In contrast, upon reductive stress, insufficient ROS abundance may result in faulty cell signalling. It may be expected that dietary antioxidants, depending on their standard reduction potentials (E°), will affect both scenarios....
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